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SHP at the DJ Stylus Awards
Featuring Keisha Chante, Shawn Desman, Maestro Fresh Wes, The Stereos and more...


I know the right way to get a good shot.  I have studied everything: digital photography, film photography, lighting theory, classic and modern Photoshop post-processing techniques. You name it.  I have spent years reading the books, taking tutorials, mentoring, researching industry tools and following the trends.  I have worked with Lifetouch Studios, Canada’s industry leader in classic portrait photography, so I know my way around a three-point lighting set-up.  I have got access to traditional studio space and I have got a respectably equipped PC for post-processing.  I know the “right” way to get a “good” shot.  And I know the “wrong” way to get a brilliant one. 

Unique and edgy shoot locations.  Strange and unusual props and accessories.  Collaboration with exciting new designers and make-up artists.  The ethereality of natural light.  The unadulterated brashness of a boldly-placed light bulb.  Creative digital processing without help guides or rule books.  An artist’s eye for my subject and a poet’s ear for what they’re trying to say. 

I didn’t learn how to get a brilliant shot in school, or between the pages of an operating manual.   The way an actor knows their character.  The way a musician knows the hum of perfect harmony.  The way a DJ knows the vibe on the dance floor.  I know “good” photography.  And I know photographic brilliance.

 Past Subjects
(Music and Television)
George Strombolopolus, Pauly D. (Jersey Shore), Maestro Fresh Wes, Keisha Chante, Reema Major,  Bishop Brigante, Jully Black, Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandes, Craig Smart, A-Game, 2Rude, Ray Robinson, The Stereos, A-Grade (Prynze, Juvy), Missy Yee, Lex Marcello, JRD, Klue Jenkins, Scarz, Tyma Getit, and Dizzy. (Radio) Ashley Greco, Corey Kimm and Ami A. of z103.5 (Sports) MMA Fighter Aaron “The Cambridge Crusher” Wilson

Professional Affiliations

  • DBS Studios: Featured in all marketing material, both digital and printed.
  • 2010 Total Woman Show (Kitchener):
  • 2011 Pioneer DJ Stylus Awards (Toronto): Red Carpet and VIP coverage
  • Kanati Clothing: Fashion clothing product photography
  • Bilalo Hair Artistry: Fashion photography
  • Avont Inc. (www.avontinc.com): PR shots for signature artists

Community Volunteerism

Currently shooting with a Nikon D300s. I use the Nikon Creative Lighting system both off and on camera. I also have a full suite of fully wireless studio lighting, black/white/green screen backgrounds and can perform some innovative and edgy, digital background replacement.

On location or in studio at 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener, Ontario.

Skilled in the use of:
Micro-Z long roll TLR (1250 frm rolls of custom Kodak 70mm film)
Broncolour Monolights with custom Bron controller DLC
Nikon D70
Nikon D300s
Nikon SB- 600
Nikon SB- 800
Bowens Studio Lighting
Nikon Creative Lighting Systems
Photoshop CS 2, 4, and 5 as well as Adobe Lightroom

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